Starting a new business is tricky and risky. You have plenty of decisions to make and each one affects the profit margins. When you select the right name, effective marketing, decent location, hardworking staff, all should be in line with your business model. No matter how good the ambiance is, how good the worker’s greeting to the customer is, if you are haphazard in your organization’s objectives, your business will not flourish. Business is not all about attracting customers, rather it is more about retaining customers. People trust each other, more than they trust you. But it depends on your business model and what type of people it needs for you to decide what to invest in: marketing or networking, online presence or only physical front, etc.

Becoming an electrical wholesaler  

For example, if you want to start a wholesale shop for electronic products, you have to work hard to develop a particular customer base. Electrical Wholesalers sell directly to the electricians. They offer a range of products often larger in volume and diversity than any ordinary electrical supply store. They cater to the needs of the electricians. Once an electrician makes an account with them, they take specific orders as per their need and find the product for the customer. Oftentimes, wholesalers sell in bulk rather than individual items, and thus the cost significantly decreases for the customer. They also sell to companies who do work in houses, buildings, and so on.

“Electrical wholesaler near me”

To find any location or business, people today choose to enter a query as “trusted electrical wholesalers near me” on google. Google map conjures up a list of all the available electrical wholesalers near the user’s location. Not only does it show the location, but also available contact information, street view, photos, and most importantly reviews! Now, for most businesses working on the model of business to client, these reviews are important. Showing up on this “… near me” list is vital. It is the heartbeat proving the business exists on the map. However, for a wholesale business, this might not be as relevant.

B2B vs B2C business models 

Electrician while installing sockets and switches

For businesses that work directly with other businesses, in this case, electricians or electrical companies, showing up on the online space ‘… near me’ query is not vital. They work on large contracts with a small number of clients and ensure the provision of up-to-date products and services to them. They expand naturally through word of mouth, customer loyalty, and networking.

For businesses that sell to customers or clients, individual products are sold at smaller gains to a large customer base. Hence, an online presence is essential for them to find and attract new customers. They need to adopt new techniques, new deals to entice customers to choose them over their competitors.  Marketing, not networking is of the essence for such businesses.

Back to the Electrical Wholesale business

Now that you have determined that your business model as a wholesale brand should be B2B, you can invest your energy accordingly. You do not have to fret about how you show up google queries like “electrical wholesalers near me”. Rather, you should find businesses around you who can benefit from your services, go and introduce yourself and attempt to form networks and get customer accounts. Then focus on ensuring that you can not only meet the demands of the customer but also provide above and beyond services such as providing them updates about the latest innovations in the market and guiding them on how they can make efficient purchases. With such a streamlined approach, you will be sure to stay focused on the objective of your business and stabilize it in a short duration.

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