Flu season can be brutal, it’s a truth universally acknowledged in the workplace. If you work in an office then you’ll no doubt understand just how terrible influenza can be. Every year the highly contagious virus is responsible for a slew of workplace absences and illnesses. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the dread of the winter months when everyone is suddenly sniffling and coughing and just generally very unwell. It’s not a pleasant time of year and usually leads to a big drop in productivity both through absenteeism and employees slowing down when at work because they are not well. Influenza can actually have serious health consequences and every year it’s responsible for many deaths around the world. But there’s nothing you can do right?

Whilst there is no magic cure for influenza, there are things we can do to limit its impact and keep employees safe. Taking preventative steps in the workplace to help your employees avoid falling ill not only benefits them, but it benefits you as well. You will find that by your productivity is much better if you limit the number of people in your office who are getting sick with the flu. One of the best things you can do to get influenza under control in your office is to invest in affordable workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney. What are workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney you ask?  Read on below to find out more.

What is the flu?

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Firstly, you’re probably wondering what the flu actually is. Well, it’s basically a very contagious virus that spreads quickly from person to person through droplets from your respiratory system. Laughing, coughing, talking, sneezing and even singing can pass the virus on and when people’s respiratory droplets are passed to surfaces that can cause the illness to get passed around. It is very easy for people who are contagious with the virus to contaminate the area around them and anyone who makes contact and then touches their eyes, face or mouth may end up infected. Most people will usually be contagious for a couple of days before they even see symptoms so it can be difficult to stop in its tracks. The influenza virus can be very serious and can lead to hospitalisation and death, so it’s important that we take steps like workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney to avoid people falling ill with it.

What should we do?

It’s important that employers realise that they have a responsibility to try and take effective measures against their employees getting sick with the flu. Workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney are one of the best things you can do to fight the transmission of this dangerous virus. The influenza shot helps to protect people from contracting the virus and can lessen the severity of the illness when they do. It’s an excellent way for employers to limit the number of people in their office who fall ill and can be a great benefit for employees.

So, how do workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney work? Typically, employers will arrange for a third-party to run the program on a day when most of their employees can attend. Most jabs will take only a few seconds, employees simply need to provide some information and get the shot. They can also be run offsite if required or supplemented with vouchers for employees that cannot attend.

Workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney should take place a few weeks before flu season typically kicks in as it can take a few weeks for an immune response to be strong enough to protect employees from illness.

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